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  Asok Smriti Lecture
  Asok Smriti Lecture
Media Report on upcoming Asok Memorial Lecture

Ajkal Patrika
  Kolkatar Karcha
  Kolkatar Karcha
  Ei Samay
8th Asok Bandyopadhyay Memorial Lecture, 2016

Listen to the song and talk:

Kolkata International Book Fair 2015
Milan Mela Ground (opp. Science City on E.M.Bypass)
Jan. 28 - Feb. 8

Stall no. 489

Utsamanush - Kolkata Book Fair 2015

This time footfall at Utsa Manush Stall was not that encouraging. Not only Utsa Manush, a large number of other participants including reputed publishers also held the same view.

It may be due to a multiple factors - district book fairs, online purchases, location of the fair ground. The new generation, particularly those in good academic institutions are not that interested in reading Bengali books. Combination of all factors is attributed the drop in counter sales.

We are worried about our participation in the KBF. We feel the cost hike by the Fair Authority in all respects. Nevertheless, our participation in KBF is necessary.

Lekhalikhi (Asok) was sold pretty well this time.

We request all Utsamanush well-wishers to participate with their friends and families in the future.

Here is a List of books that was avaiable at the stall. If you did not get a chance to come by the stall, you may order the books from the list. 

In Memory of Asok Bandyopadhyay 2014
22.11.2014 - Saturday (5.30 pm)

6th Asok Bandyopadhyay Memorial Lecture was delivered 
by Smt. Bolan Gangopadhyay 

at Paschim Banga Bangla Academy (Jibananda Sabhaghar) 
(behind NANDAN)

"Asongothito Manusher Benche Thakar Larai" 
(the life struggle of the people belonging to un-organised sector)

Audio Version
To listen to the audio version of the lecture, click here.
(The lecture starts at 16:25)

(To download the lecture, right click and choose �Save link as�)

Click here for Pictures

Kolkata International Book Fair 2014
Milan Mela Ground (opp.Science City on E.M.Bypass)
Jan. 28 - Feb. 9

Stall no. 175

Utsamanush - Kolkata Book Fair 2014

This time particular focus was on "Lekhalikhi" a collection of Asok Bandopadhyay's essays and

"Juktibader Char Senapati" a Bengali translation on the lives and works of Jyoti Ba Phule, Ruchiram Sahni, Gopal Ganesh Agarkar and Dr. Narendra Achyut Davolkar (all rationalists and social reformers).

Pratul Mukhopadhyay (of Ami Banglai Gun Gai fame) did his best to get the articles translated in Bengali.

Apart from our existing books we did our best to push these two new books (one priced at Rs. 200 and the other Rs. 40 only). We have noticed that many book lovers from suburbs did not turn up due to various reasons. Major reason being bad transport link to the venue from either Sealdah or Howrah Railway Stations. Moreover the approach road to Milan Mela Ground being the venue of KBF remain in bad condition due to ongoing construction work, this being the 3rd year everybody suffered badly leading to the fall of business transaction in the small stalls.

In Memory of Asok

In Memory of Asok

In Memory of Asok Bandyopadhyay - Nov. 2014

In Memory of Asok Bandyopadhyay - Nov. 2013

In Memory of Asok Bandyopadhyay - Nov. 2012

In Memory of Asok Bandyopadhyay - Nov. 2011

In Memory of Asok Bandyopadhyay - Nov. 2010

In Memory of Asok - A Special Issue - Jan. 2009

In Memory of Asok Bandyopadhyay - Nov. 2008

Kolkata International Book Fair 2013
Milan Mela Ground (opp.Science City on E.M.Bypass)
Jan. 30 - Feb. 10

The Fair was a very successful event for Utsamanush

Stall no. 137

Utsamanush - Kolkata Book Fair 2013
  • We brought all of our published books and periodicals (old and current).

  • KBF offered an opportunity to have close interaction with more and more readers and like minded persons, whom we cannot reach orn a regular basis.

  • Aside from UM published books, we also kept some selected books authored/published by others, who are traditionally identified by UM.

  • We brought a few out-of-print books which are already reprinted.

  • Our presence at KBF gave us a positive publicity, which kept us going.

  • We received direct feed back from the readers and well-wishers.

Little Magazine Fair
January 10 - 15, 2013

Utsa Manush was provided with a table space at the Little Magazine Fair, commenced on 10.1.13 and continued till 15.1.13, organised by Paschim Bangla Academy in Nandan-Rabindra Sadan Complex.

Some of our titles like Vivekananda Anya Chokhay, Protirodh, Jay Golper Sesh Nai etc. including our magazines were sold very well. Many visitors enquired about Utsa Manush was doing. The Fair remained open from 2 to 8 pm. Our table was continuously manned by someone throughout the time.

Utsamanush-Little Magazine Fair 2013

Little Magazine Fair
January 3 - 5, 2013

The Little Magazine Fair in College Square is a yearly affair, organised by Little Magazine Unity Forum (Sommonoy Mancha). LMUF has been holding the Fair since 2006, where like previous years this time too Utsa Manush participated. We were provided with table space there. Did reasonable trading, better than previous years. Some cultural programmes and lectures were organised by the LMUF. Peoples' songs by some budding and veteran singers, performance by "Satabdi" (Badal Sarkar's Group) and lectures on the country's inviting Wall Mart etc. at the cost of indigenous traders (big and small), are all about cultural/protesting voice. A good number of leaflets bearing brutal attack on "Damini" "Nirvaya" and her subsequent death were distributed by some activists. It is learnt that the Fair could not secure any sponsorship. All expenses were met by donations from individuals and members.

36 Kolkata International Book Fair 2012
(opposite Science City)

 25 Jan to 5 Feb 2012

Stall no. 344
(under the shed sideways or corridor between Hangar 3 & 4 near Gate no. 3)

Utsamanush - Kolkata Book Fair 2012

January 31: We noticed people from all cross section of the society and from distant places like Ramurhut, Basirhat, Tarkeswar etc. are coming to our stall and buying our magazines, books and many of them are becoming new subscribers too.

We do see people of various ages (18 - 70) visiting at our stall. We also see many of our old friends who did not see for a long time. Our book Khabar Niyay Vabar Aachhay published in 2000 is still in high demand. Other books Sap Niyay Kimbodonti, Protirodh, Auyervaday Bijgnan, Jay Golper Sesh Nei are also drawing attention to many visitors. We spoke with a few visitors have been regularly accessing our website.

This time the Publishers and Book Sellers Guild (Fair authority) has not brought out any map of the fair in alphabetical order with stall numbers, thereby making it difficult for the readers to locate the stalls of their choice. Utsa Manush Stall is a victim of the prevailing situation.

UM January - March 2012 Issue is likely to hit the stall on Wednesday.

Our Agenda in KBF

  • UM brought all its published books and periodicals (old and current) to KBF

  • KBF offers an opportunity to have close interaction with more and more readers and like minded persons, whom we cannot reach in normal time.

  • Aside from UM published books, we also keep some selected books authored/published by others, who are traditionally identified by UM. Sunderbaner Sap CD will have its normal access to UM stall at KBF.

  • Hope to bring out Promithuser Pothay, a traditionally popular title. A new book on "Obedience to Values" (Mullobodher Khonjay) is likely to bring out.

  • Our presence at KBF gives us a positive publicity, which keeps us going

  • To receive direct feed back from the readers and well-wishers

Kolkata International Book Fair 2010
Utsamanush - Kolkata Book Fair 2010


For further information, email S K Bhadra  (skbhadra88@gmail.com)

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