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Utsa Manush is a magazine, for the people, published in Bengali. It was first published in 1980 by a group of highly motivated young people in Kolkata (Calcutta), India.

The Source (Utsa) of all the materials in these magazines is people (Manush). If there is one magazine, which brings out all the issues involving human problems, agonies & questions, it is the Utsa Manush. It is against superstitions, unscientific attitudes, religious blindness, inhumane acts done to the people by the people and the governments.

The goal of this magazine is to bring the truth behind the superstitions, find the cause behind the injustices done to people, and to look into every aspect of life scientifically, for better living on this earth.

This English edition page and the attached links were added in March 2005.
We came across some materials published in English, which appear pretty interesting and sometimes entertaining also. It will take a lot of time to translate all these materials into Bengali. So we decide to present them
before our readers as it is in English.

[If you have some interesting materials fit for this page, please email us]


For further information, email S K Bhadra  (skbhadra88@gmail.com)

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