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Registered Office: BD 494, Salt Lake, Sector 1, Kolkata - 700064
Society Registration No. S/ 63059 of 1989-90

Name                   Phone No.           email
Shyamal Bhadra           91-943-301-8006  skbhadra88@gmail.com
Barun Bhattacharya       91-943-388-8862  
Chittaranjan Samanta     91-943-266-9920  samanta.chitta@gmail.com
Jhilly Banerjee          91-983-065-9058  jhilly_banerjee@yahoo.co.in
Samir Ghosh              91-983-146-1465  samirkghosh2003@gmail.com  
Purabi Ghosh             91-94-321-47588

Working Office: Khadim's Bidyakut Abasan
B-4 & 5, S-3,Narayanpur, P.O - (R) Gopalpur, Kolkata - 700136,India
Barun Bhattacharya, Kolkata, India; email: barun.b1956@gmail.com 91-943-388-8862
Jhilly Banerjee, Kolkata, India; email: jhilly_banerjee@yahoo.co.in 91-983-065-9058

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For further information, email S K Bhadra  (skbhadra88@gmail.com)

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